Many artists use canvas, a woven fabric, to paint or even print on. When you purchase their paintings you will find they are already stretched on a wooden frame or given to you rolled. Here is how to frame canvas prints yourself for use in your home:

Even canvases that have stretcher bars will need standard frames that can be made from wood or metal. Rolled canvases will, however, need to be stretched and placed in stretcher bars before they can be framed.

Rolled canvases are often cheaper, but if you stretch a canvas print yourself you can make sure it will never get loose. You need to have a stretcher-bar frame and a staple gun ready along with the frames. Glazing if needed, is optional. Measure the canvas print so that you can determine the size of the frame. You must have enough of canvas to fold and fix to the stretcher-bar. If there is an excess of canvas you can always trim it, but you need to leave at least two inches to fold over after you have stretched it. Shorter stretcher bars are best for wooden frames.

Place a canvas face down on a clean surface so that is evenly placed. Start on the shorter side of the canvas and fold the extra canvas over the stretcher bar, hold it in place, and staple the canvas to the stretcher. Your first staple must be in the middle of the side of the canvas. Now go to the opposite side and repeat the folding and single staple. Do each side of the frame while pulling the canvas slightly. Add staples on either side of the middle one, spacing them equally. Fold the corners over by tucking one side under the other while the canvas is tightly pulled. Cut the tip of the corner before you staple it to the stretcher frame.

Your canvas is now stretched and ready to be placed in its final frame. If you have a canvas that is already stretched you just need to find the right frame to put it in.